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Hard Wood Floorings – Teak/Jati

For our Hard Wood Floorings, we use Teakwood from Central Java, which are famed for their high-quality wood. We are also a proud supporter of Indonesian Legal Wood, and all our wood are purchased from Perhutani – direct or in-directly.

We provide 2 varieties of Hard Wood Floorings – Solid Wood Floorings and Engineered Wood Floorings.

Solid Wood Floorings is a type of floorings that is made from a single piece of hardwood, cut into size and processed into floorings with tongue and groove. This type of flooring is more expensive, but at the same time it is also more durable and long-lasting.


Engineered Wood Floorings, on the other hand, is made from different layers. The top layer is 3mm thick of solid teakwood, whereas the second layer is made from smaller pieces of hardwood. The smaller pieces of hardwood are glued together and undergoes machine press which ensures that they retain good quality and durability. The result is an Engineered Wood Floorings which are stronger than most engineered floorings, where usually the second layer is made out of plywood and or MDF boards.

Solid Wood Flooring

tongue & groove
installation method

full solid piece of wood,15mm thickness

Engineered Wood Flooring

tongue & groove
​installation method

full solid piece of wood,3mm thickness

the second layer is 12mm thickness of "engineered" wood, where smaller pieces of wood are glued and compressed together 

Ulin Decking

Ulinwood is a type of wood that is famed for its strength and durability, which makes it a perfect fit for exterior projects. The type of Ulinwood that we use are sourced from Kalimantan, which is known to produce the best quality of Ulinwood which are extremely hard and durable. Ulinwood is a type of rare wood, and they are not easy to source. However, we are able to supply high-quality Ulinwood for your outdoor decking projects, with thicknesss ranging from 20 to 50mm. We are also able to provide larger ulinwood logs, which can be used as outdoor tables, chairs or other decorative and structural needs.

Custom Wood Works

We provide Custom Wood Works services according to your requirements and needs. We have several unique type of timber and a wide variety of logs. You can view some of our stocklist below. Do inquire if you have something in mind and we will strive our best to supply you.

  • Kusen and Architrave

  • Solid and Engineering Doors

  • Solid Slab Tables

  • Fences, Partition or Facade

  • Plafond Lambeesering

  • Stairs and Handrails

  • Pergola or Stages

  • Pendopo or Pagoda

  • And many other designs/needs

Sonokeling Root

Shaped like a ball cut across in the middle, with a diameter 1800mm, and height of 700mm. This beautiful root can be the base for a coffee table, or simply decorative purposes.

Teakwood Root

Shaped like a cube with irregularities, width of 1200mm, height of 700mm. Can be the base for a coffee table, or simply decorative purposes.

Medium Teakwood Table

Already cut into box shape, 200mm thick, 800mm wide and 2300mm long.

Large Teakwood Table

This slab of wood still has its natural finish on both edges, 250mm thick, 900mm wide at one end and 1450mm on the other end and 4100mm long.



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